We strive to play a leading role in our region’s increasing awareness of environmental and social issues. Among the steps we have taken toward promoting strong community ties and environmental responsibility are:

Community Support

Green Affiliations

We have enrolled the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses and are taking the necessary steps to become a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary. We have also enrolled in Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Program and are also taking the steps to become certified in that program.

Environmental Actions

Long standing problems with irrigation control systems in the pump house and booster pump house were addressed. So, too, were long standing problems with the water distribution system on the course addressed. A good part of this work was done before a fire destroyed the main pump house. The balance of the work was done when the pump house was rebuilt. The system now delivers the minimum amount of water needed to maintain healthy turf thus reducing electrical usage.

All fertilizers used on the golf course are “Nature Safe” products. They are made from feed grade quality meals from blood, bone, feather, fish, meat and grain by-products – the same ingredients used to make pet food. These meals supply food energy and stimulate the natural soil microbes which aid in the breakdown of the product. For more

Exterior and interior lighting for the clubhouse was designed by Illuminart, one of the leading lighting design firms to improve aesthetics while reducing carbon emissions, hazardous waste and controlling outdoor light pollution by respecting dark sky concepts. Illuminart is a Michigan based firm.

“Our designers work to balance energy efficiency and lighting quality, both of which add value to projects and protect the environment and public good. To this end, our designers are active members of the U.S. Green Building Council, and endeavor to create cost effective lighting solutions that stimulate and motivate people while conserving natural resources.”


Used and burned out lamps and fixtures are recycled.

Energy Controls
Nealis Engineering, a local firm, did the electrical engineering for the clubhouse and pump house. Sophisticated controls where installed to minimize electrical usage.

Office Supplies
Office supplies are purchased from Give Something Back Office Supplies, a California company that gives profits to hard working nonprofit organizations to improve local communities and help the environment thrive.

Restroom soaps are eco.fresh Hand & Body Wash, which is purchased from Concept Amenities.

“Our commitment to minimizing harm against the environment has led us to discover that there is only one shade of green. We have developed a unique ‘green’ range of in-room guest amenities, made with an organic-based additive, which is fully biodegradable.”

Concept Amenities

Electronic waste is recycled at E Waste Recycling, 686 Mizar Court, Traverse City, Michigan

We strive to recycle as much paper, metal, plastic and glass as we can. Recycling containers are located on the course, at the clubhouse, and at the maintenance facility for this purpose. Items that are recycled are recycled via a partnership with Bay Area Recycling for Charities.